• A 40 inch container of CERAMIC FOAM DISCS is ready for Delivery!

    A 40 inch container of CERAMIC FOAM DISCS is ready for Delivery! Our destination is the United States of America!   The buyer is a Dannish company which has business in America! We plan to deliver over 480 CBM ceramic foam discs for their application. We got the order after few samples confi...
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  • Traditional preparation method of foam ceramics

    The traditional preparation method of foam ceramics: Foaming method: The foaming reaction method can be used to prepare foamed ceramic products with complex shapes to meet the application of some special occasions; adding appropriate ceramic fibers to the ceramic powder can improve this process a...
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  • Ceramic Foam | Small but luxurious, it is fatal without manufacturing!

    ● Foam ceramic market In the ceramic foam market, after a compound annual growth rate of 5.1% in 2021-2026, it is expected to reach US$540.3 million by 2026. Ceramic foam is a tough foam made of ceramics with a porous structure with high porosity, which can be open or closed. Ceramic foam has the...
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  • Ceramic foam solution

    There are three main problems that can affect bubbles in the development of ceramics, and the three different types of bubbles are: oxidized bubbles, reduced bubbles and glaze bubbles. Let us take a closer look at the process of bubble formation. 1. Oxidation bubbles: This economic bubble is caus...
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